My name is Dustin Springman, and I am the co-founder of Datacom Professionals, LLC, a highly effective Voice, Video, and Data Integration and Managed Services company. Please feel free to check us out: 

This site was put together quickly for the sole purpose of introducing myself for available opportunities. Also, a quick disclaimer: I am not and do not pretend to be a web developer or programmer of any kind. I'm all communications, all the time. My skill-set and talents are focused on leading teams to provide connectivity by way of routers, radios, network protocols, and system performance metrics. Questions, please feel free to email: or call 229.733.6672

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Projects & References

Project Example: AgUplink, LLC
Co-Founded and briefly served as CTO for an "Agricultural Internet of Things" startup. This project is using licensed microwave, unlicensed microwave, and TVWS for backhaul and network access. In some cases, we're using PPTP tunnels and 4G modems to get the field equipment on our private subnets so we can control and monitor extremely remote equipment. Home and business subscribers help the financial model make sense, but the agricultural implications are the main driver behind this connectivity solution build out. It is a necessity.
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Google Map of Transport Network Design
Example TVWS coverage

Project Example: West Georgia Consortium Housing Authority
Built and maintain voice, video, and data networks. This deployment includes fiber optic and wireless connectivity to IP camera systems in remote areas for use by local police and the housing authority to monitor illicit activity. The networks have video recording servers onsite, and using google apps, we're allowing access via browsers; examples:
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Hobbies & Home Life

I have three wonderful children and an amazing life partner. They are truly my support system and always encourage me to reach for my dreams. Stephanie is the love of my life and she is very supportive of my work. She also keeps the household operational when I put in really long hours. They are my driving force, the reason I am determined to make a difference while air still fills my lungs. Taking care of my family and helping my friends is my number one hobby.

The nerd in me has a few favorite pastimes. My favorite apps are Facebook, Google+, Hangouts, Pulse, SONOS Controller, and Pandora. I am a die-hard audiophile and aspire to be an adept astronomer and photographer some day. I also spend time volunteering with local schools and public safety organizations, helping them with their IT and communications systems.

My life-long goal is to tour all the worlds' telescopes (both optical and radio) and one day help develop systems that allow humans to observe and maybe one day interact with life on other planets. I also love to cook. It helps me relax and it's something that has to be done anyway, so I might as well enjoy it. =D

Lastly, my idols are Nikola Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell, and Gugleilmo Marconi.

Favorite quote: 
“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” - A.G. Bell
How I work

I manage teams of integration crews, work with vendors and consultants in an effort to make sure the customers are happy and projects are completed on-time and in-budget. On occasion I even turn a few screws, just to keep my hands on skills fresh. I find that working in the field with the crews and vendors builds a rapport that is not possible without being in the field. I feel it is important to show the teams that you are willing to tough it out in the rain, sleet, snow, or intense heat with them. It has always helped me build long lasting relationships with my team members because they know that I am willing to come out and work with them, and I will never ask them to do anything that I won't do myself. Typically I work with customers and integration/support teams during the day and process engineering, system administration tasks, and documentation at night.

For engineering tasks, I employ a multitude of programs and systems. Google Maps, (based on radio mobile), Gimp, Google Drive, and other such applications. Together, many applications are used to collaborate and build documentation sets that are then utilized in the field during deployment and maintenance. (Link to some portfolio pics)

I am a Ubuntu Linux desktop user. Recent convert from Fedora, but I like the Unity interface. All of my servers are Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS. My favorite routers are Mikrotik's, and my favorite unlicensed radio platform is Ubiquiti.
  • Debi McDade - Executive Director - West GA Consortium - 229.732.2128
  • Clark Harrell - County Administrator / SGRITA board member - 229.328.5603 
  • Robb Howell - President, MCD Plastics - 937.573.9158
  • Jim Weaver - Electronics Instructor - 937.478.1255
  • Butch Evans - Butch Evans Consulting (Mentor) - 702.537.0979
  • Luke Burkhart - ComNet Inc. - 419.739.3160